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June 24, 2017
Extraordinary PeopleTools 8.56
Frederic Portal, Ataway Director of Alliance and Strategy

Peoplesoft just released early this month PeopleTools 8.56.  As predicted it is a Major tools release that is going to transform your PeopleSoft application into a modern application for User! The number of new features is impressive

In this release of PeopleTools 8.56:

·         Ability to have a common look to the user interface in each application, regardless of the underlying Fluid or Classic technology, Yes starting in 8.56 we can have common UI for your entire PS application!

·         An open source search technology with proven success, that will be easier to install and manage

·         Lifecycle management process that lets change be selected directly from analytics


·         Ability to create test scripts that use queries to provide test data

·         More platform support for the PeopleSoft Deployment Framework

·         And it’s easier than ever to lift and run your PeopleSoft applications in the Oracle Cloud

Please fidn few links about PeopelSoft 8.56:

Video PeopleTools 8.56 Preview | Jeff Robbins  

PeopleTools 8.56 New Features Overview

·         PeopleTools 8.56 Home Page (includes Install)·      

·         PeopleTools 8.56 Upgrade 2270700.1

·         Elasticsearch Home Page. 

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