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November 22, 2017
Embedded Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in Oracle Cloud Applications
Frederic Portal, Ataway Director of Alliance and Strategy

Oracle OpenWorld took place last October in San Francisco, CA. We wanted to come back on some announcement that you might not have seen:

Embedded Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in Oracle Cloud Applications

With embedded AI capabilities, companies don’t have to develop the specialized skills that would otherwise be needed if they were to build, train, fine-tune, retrain, and embed AI themselves.

Oracle launched embeds AI across many of its business and technology services.

“The new AI capabilities combine first- and third-party data with advanced machine learning and sophisticated decision science to deliver the industry’s most powerful AI-based modern business applications,” said Steve Miranda, Oracle’s executive vice president of applications development.

The new Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps embed AI capabilities directly into Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud, Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud, Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud, and Oracle Customer Experience Cloud Suite.

Oracle relies on years of domain expertise to guide its data scientists to build models that solve key business problems. Oracle experts have a deep understanding of cross-industry and specific industry market trends, business and analytical operations, and technology operations to provide exciting and effective new solutions.

Oracle’s Adaptive Intelligent Applications use ML and AI to deliver specific business outcomes. These applications create rich, contextual data profiles from data captured across Oracle SaaS applications and combine it with third-party data using data as a service (DaaS). 


What does that mean for your business?

The apps can react, learn, and adapt in real time based on historical and dynamic customer data, which helps organizations transform business processes and user experiences.
The goal is to enable business users to take advantage of AI directly within their existing tools. There is no need for users to export their data into an external AI solution.

So how that does translates into your business processes?

Finance and Procurement: By analyzing historical trends and business risk data, finance professionals can develop suggested discount rates on invoices, optimize cash flow, and create the optimal balance between buyers and suppliers.

Human Resources: With the application of natural language search and deep learning technologies to resumes and job postings, HR professionals can source the best candidates and determine the likelihood of success and longevity by using insights from previous recruitment engagements and current job indicators.

Supply Chain: Predictive analytics and machine learning techniques can detect and analyze key signals in device data, helping with activities such as predicting and preventing machine failure before it happens, auto-discovering the best ways to segment planning data, and auto-tuning supply chain planning engines.

Manufacturing: By enhancing the management of manufacturing operations, the new apps can drive factory and shop floor improvements by performing incident detection, root-cause analysis, and smart resolution within minutes in a connected factory.

It will provide a benefit all your business process!

Amit Zavery, senior vice president of product development for Oracle Cloud Platform Said “AI has the power to be more transformative for the enterprise than any other technology in recent history,

Learn more: Oracle’s Adaptive Intelligent Applications

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