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July 5, 2018
Automation Anywhere Debuts First Bot Store in RPA Industry
Ataway Team

The digital workforce is more accessible than ever before.

In the past, multinationals relied on single consultants to develop and recommend automation solutions to improve business efficiency. The sight of the market was limited and solutions just coming out of development were completely invisible to companies.

Automation Anywhere, an innovative RPA developer, has come up with a new way. They took their automation bots and put them up online. All of them.

Now we can shop for bots with the same ease that people shop for everyday applications on Apple Store or Play Store.

Automation Anywhere Launches a Bot Store

Launched on March 14, 2018, the first bot store for RPA products is now a reality.

The shop itself is an easy-to-navigate site with clean lines and a minimalist visual aesthetic. It exudes modernity and convenience, aimed at executives and IT folks who don’t tolerate superfluous information.

The shop is organized by business process, functional application, and category for easy filtering and searches.

Leveraging an expansive partnership network including Ataway Consulting, bots are numerous and listed along with developer information, benefits, and specifications.

Each bot in the shop includes detailed information about how it works, how to get it, and customer reviews.

Well populated and user-friendly, this shop puts the digital workforce at your fingertips.

Benefits of the First Bot Store in the RPA Industry

What is the significance of the existence of such a bot store?

First is convenience. It’s unprecedented to have a single site where multinationals can browse, view specs, and shop for automation solutions.

The second benefit of a shop is the ability to compare products. With Automation Anywhere’s vast partnership network on full display, visitors to the bot shop can preview bots from various companies that tackle the same or similar business solutions.

This way, enterprises have an idea of what is on the market or what current processes are being automated by companies instead of relying solely on a proprietary consultant for suggested RPA solutions.

The final benefit of the bot store is timeliness. Bot shoppers with an understanding of which enterprise level processes can be automated, also have a way to see the latest and greatest as soon as it hits the market.

New bots, bots for new processes, and the full array of automation solutions are just a click away.

Featured Bots by Ataway

Ataway Consulting, a veteran software consulting firm in the industry with years of experience implementing enterprise applications, also offers a set of bots in the store.

Ataway’s talented team of developers has forged a strong partnership to develop and accelerate business process automation alongside Automation Anywhere.

With the bot store’s dynamic filters, customers can view all bots currently available on the Ataway page of the bot store.

At the moment there are three Ataway bots that handle supply chain management for cloud-based ERPs, one bot for AI and machine learning capabilities in finance and accounting, one for human resources, and a final bot that increases productivity for SAP users. Furthermore, Ataway’s RPA development team will have released more bots related to Enterprise Applications.

Overall, the shop proficiently covers multiple current areas of RPA implementation and portrays the breadth of a burgeoning industry. The bot store can be used to contact companies like Ataway to help on organizations' RPA journey, and it is free for now.

For enterprises looking to put a few bots to work and grow their digital workforce, this revolutionary store serves as the starting point, the endpoint, and everything in between.

To find out more about these cutting-edge software developments, visit the Ataway bot store page or contact us.

Image: Unsplash


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