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July 3, 2018
Ataway Japan CSR Initiatives- Strive for Sustainable Forestry!


On June 9th, Ataway Japan participated in a coast forest protection event, hosted by Green Earth Center, in Shonan, a region along the coast of Sagami Bay in Kanagawa Prefecture, central Japan, as one of its CSR activities. The purpose of the event is to advocate and promote sustainable forestry. 


The coast forest consists of grown-up pine trees that are transferred from planting area once they are mature. It takes a couple of years for the trees to mature during which time they are at risk of being weakened by weeds in the area. 

Raising strong and healthy trees is important to run an efficient transplant cycle. To do this, 40+ participants and instructors cleaned out the weeds from the planting area, and although the summer heat was intense... It was for a good cause!!

We also learned about nature around Shonan, why the forest coast is necessary, and how important the impact is on the surrounding area as well as the ecosystem.

(Look! Our Country Manager is called to the sea by the coast and drifted away…)

We all had incredible moments together and felt grateful to be contributing towards the sustainability of the forest coast. The impact we made may be small, but surely extraordinary! Every little help counts!

Ataway Japan will continue to help make a difference towards a healthy environment, for fun and CSR!

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