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June 6, 2018
Ataway Japan CSR Initiatives- Run for a Good Cause

On May 22, Ataway Japan participated in a charity running event as one of its CSR activities. All participation fees were donated to charities with the purpose of eradicating starvation in Africa.


Each team consisted of 4 members, each running 5 km in a relay-style, competing as a team for the total 20 km.

Competing with a total of 60 teams, the Ataway team’s initial goal was to be in the top half, but due to the great effort and teamwork, Ataway Japan ultimately came in at 8th place!

The record was indeed surprising and satisfying. However, regardless of the record, the most gratifying part was the fact that we were able to be a small, but important, part in contributing to help eradicate starvation in Africa and saving lives there.

Ataway Japan will continue to run to make a difference, for fun and CSR!

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