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January 20, 2015
8 things you should know about PeopleSoft 9.2 Image 10
By Frederic Portal, Ataway Director of Strategy & Alliance

When most of us were celebrating the holidays and the New Year, The PeopleSoft Team brought you something… Yes PeopleSoft 9.2 Image 10 came out just after Christmas, December 26 2014!

We just done a count of the new features delivered 288 news features. With 45 new features for AP, 26 for GL, 29 for receivables, 26 for Purchasing, 15 for asset management. You can find the detail on Oracle Support.

This update contains a number of minor and major enhancements in various areas of financials, Supplier relationship management and supply chain management. 29 Products has revived new enhancements. In this image PeopleSoft continues to add new Fluid User Interface content and features. As we discuss earlier in several post, this new fluid UI provide the ability to the applications to support responsive design and be mobile, user.


What’s New?

Here are some highlights of PeopleSoft 9.2 Image 10:

  1. Adoption of the new fluid UI by a lot of products
  •      - New a Fluid User Interface for service request in Maintenance Management.
  •      - “Projects On the Go , the Fluid UI for the Project Management Homepage and all of its related functionality.
  •      - Cash Spot on the go! This new capability allows cash and treasury professionals to view the global cash and investment position via any device through
  •      - Employee Self Service Fluid UI home page.


PeopleSoft 9.2 Image 10 also came with new dashboard for Events and Notification to simplify the lookup and configuration of Alerts. Image 10 also propose the possibility of a new Homepage with a Tile Content Framework, to streamline the user experience and improve productivity.

For Contracts, PeopleSoft enhances the Federal Reimbursable Agreement functionality to accommodate the Minimum Accounting Data Element (MADEs) as well as the new Intra-governmental Transactions (IGT) and Interagency Agreement (IAA) reporting requirements.

For Expenses, PeopleSoft provides the Travel Authorization in Fluid UI for quickly creation and submission pre-trip costs. PeopleSoft also added Location limit for expense type groups. It allows for a location limit verification across multiple expense types that are part of a group. Another feature is the ability to set rules to define when new receipts must be included with an expense report.

For General Ledger, PeopleSoft provides flexibility to customers to allow them to validate external data being integrated into PeopleSoft GL. The data being integrated will be validated against the accounting and ledger rules in PeopleSoft Financials such as Combination Editing, Ledger and Inter/Intra Unit Balancing and a new capability to mass change the ChartField values. New Accounting lines are created and journal generated into PeopleSoft General Ledger.

PeopleSoft FSCM introduces a new reporting framework, the Configurable Analysis Framework (CAF). The CAF allows organizations to create information dashboards that users need and to provide users with the ability to tailor their specific dashboard as their business requires. The framework provides customers with the ability to select content that is currently available in various options, such as Pivot Grids, PSQuery output, inquiries such as Ledger Inquiry in GL, BI Publisher, and nVision Reports, and to bring it in for selection for dashboards. Customers can also decide what data to view using the framework. The CAF is a common component within FSCM.


For Grants, Image 10 provides the ability to effective date project department F&A offset percentage changes; generate, review, and approve retroactive adjustments for F&A rate changes; and effective date department F&A offset percentage changes.

For Accounts Payables, The U.S. Federal Government System for Award Management (SAM) replaces the existing PeopleSoft Central Contractor Registration functionality. The new SAM functionality is delivered as a set of Common Objects, AP Objects, and Order Management Objects. Accounts Payables also provides a new Supplier 360 capability that gives a holistic view of your business and activity with a particular supplier. This capability is enabled through the new innovative Configurable Analysis Framework.

For Projects, This is the enhancement for the Fluid Project Management Homepage and all of its related functionality.  This feature is also known as “Projects On the Go”, and it includes pages and functions to review and/or update Project Team Resources, Project Financials, Project Performance, Project Unbilled Cost WIP, Project Profit Margin, Contract Profit Margin, Project Timesheets, Resource and Project Schedules, and Project Status Reports.  It also offers a Resource Locator capability to search for and request resources for projects.

For Purchasing, PeopleSoft image 10 propose a configurable Procurement Operations “on-the-go” feature which gives real-time exception based information on a Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop/Laptop.

PeopleSoft In-Memory Financial Allocations Analyzer, The new common reporting framework, Configurable Analysis Framework, is provided for the PeopleSoft In-Memory Financial Position Analyzer and PeopleSoft Financial Allocations Analyzer to facilitate the analyze step in the simulation of the financial position. The CAF allows organizations to create information dashboards that users need and to provide users with the ability to tailor their specific dashboard as their business requires. The framework allows the analysis of data for one scenario or comparative results for an unlimited number of scenarios within the financial simulations.


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