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August 12, 2017
4 Keys to calculate your ROI for a Workforce Management Solution (WFM)
Frederic Portal, Ataway Director of Alliance and Strategy

If you’re Retail, Manufacturing, Hospitality, to name few, and know that you have a large work force to schedule to meet customer satisfaction that can vary, you are probably looking at a workforce management solution. These systems do a lot more than schedule the agents’ shifts — they can actually help companies forecast the trends which will result in a sudden increase or decrease in traffic and thus can help them meet service level goals. In this sense, today’s WFM systems work more like forecasting tools, rather than a basic spreadsheet scheduling systems.

But not all contact centers need an automated system to accomplish workforce

A WFM system generally produces measurable improvements in the following areas:

More efficient scheduling

The savings associated with the use of a WFM system are not only a more efficient scheduling, but will include reduced overall staff hours, reduced need for overtime, and identification of overstaffed periods to offer time off without pay. Workforce management system users generally experience a minimum reduction of staff hours of 2% and average potential is in the 5%–10% range.

Reduction in workforce shrinkage

Many hours of staff time are lost due to the miss match between the staff available and customer needing support.  With an automated WFM system, you use historical and real- time information to schedule Staff. The WFM system will help you to optimize your scheduling, based on historical and real- time information on schedule adherence and schedule exceptions for better management and control of staff, reducing workforce shrinkage by 2%-5%.

Automation of workforce management tasks

How often do you do your forecasting and scheduling and what degree they are currently automate? There is a great potential of savings in staff time by automating these tasks with a full WFM system. Generally, organization can expect to save a minimum of 25% of administrative and managerial time currently devoted to the manual performance of these tasks.

Increased revenue

WFM automation can help reduce queue times and improve your services, thereby reducing the number customer not meeting with your staff and increasing the time quality spend with your staff increasing your chance to sell more.


A question we have often is how do you justify the cost of a WFM solution?


To determine an estimated payback period, take the estimated savings from the four items above for estimated annual savings or divide by 12 for an estimated monthly savings in the first year of implementation. The payback period on such a system can be calculated by dividing the one-time purchase price by the average monthly savings.

In addition to these measurable cost savings, there are many intangible benefits:

“what-if” planning capability that allows management to forecast and plan staff needs for the short term to respond to unexpected changes, as well as long-term budgeting and planning.


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