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July 7, 2017
3 Tips to Help Reduce Costs and Boost Productivity
Frederic Portal, Ataway Director of Alliance and Strategy


Organization are under tremendous pressure to produce more with less, in our last article Your Last Differentiator: Human Capital, Gregg Gordon, Kronos we saw that a fully engaged workforce will drive better customer satisfaction and will enjoy working for you.

By implementing workforce management solution, the automation of labour-related functions such as workforce planning, labour scheduling, time and attendance, and shop floor activity tracking, manufacturers can realize rapid and significant bottom-line results

Today we will share three quick tips on ways to manage your workforce more effectively, so you can achieve better business results. Even during tough economic times.


Tip 1: Put systematic controls in place to pay employees accurately and fairly

Without sufficient controls, you run the risk of paying your workers incorrectly. What’s at the bottom of this risk?

Stop the guesswork!  Automate and enforce your pay rules with an advanced time and attendance system. Solutions such as the one from Kronos can be configured to capture your own organizational as well as contractual and regulatory rules. So these rules can be called upon over and over again, enabling the system to automatically administer even the most complex pay calculations. Accurately, fairly, and consistently.


As a result, the virtual elimination of the underpayments and overpayments that lead to business risk. A combination of benefits that can save your company money. The Kronos Solution is global and will help you to manage your employee globally in one system.


Tip #2: Reduce inflated payroll by eliminating ‘fraudulent clocking’

How much money and productive time are you losing to inaccurate time recording and fraudulent clocking? Are you sure that the person you scheduled to work has the appropriate skills and worker certification, has arrived on time and is the one performing the task?


Fraudulent clocking can be reduced in several ways when you use an automated time and attendance solution to help verify the identities of the employees clocking for duty.

You can use fixed terminals or mobile solution

Fixed Terminals

Biometric verification, Badge swipe, PIN entry, and personal data, Badge swipe and PIN, Badge swipe to name some of the solution available in the market.


Mobile, Tablet, and Telephony

Mobile / Tablet device with geofencing, Mobile or Telephone based solution


Tip #3: Shrink administrative overhead: let your employees serve themselves

Putting in place a self-service employee application workers can access their own payroll data, work hours, holiday accruals, and other information using self-service capabilities integrated into Kronos InTouch terminals, mobile/tablet applications, PC-based Workforce Timekeeper software, on-premise kiosks, and other interfaces. What’s more, Kronos provides you with the control to limit access to self-service functions to only those times you specify.

According to a Nucleus Research study, providing electronic or software- enabled self-service capabilities for workers can save £145 per employee annually. That adds up to an expense reduction of £145,000 each year for a 1000 employee organization. 


Interested in learning more about how you can deploy how you can better manage your Work Force, deploy a solution to facilitate it like Kronos? Ataway can help you to uptake this Kronos application. Ataway is here to help you make the most of your application and processes. Consider talking to one of our local Ataway offices. Consult with Ataway’s team of experts today to learn more or send us an email:

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