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June 25, 2016
3 Key Things about PeopleSoft Modern Solutions
By Frederic Portal, Ataway Director of Strategy & Alliance

Quest International User Group recently hosted Marc Weintraub, Oracle Senior Director of Product Strategy, PeopleSoft, to present a webinar on the latest developments within PeopleSoft. Marc outlined three major developments within PeopleSoft applications and how customers can prepare and implement these changes.

1) PeopleSoft applications running on Oracle Cloud
Organizations currently running PeopleSoft can benefit greatly by running their PeopleSoft applications in the Oracle Cloud. One of the most significant benefits of Cloud is a great increase in business agility. PeopleSoft customers can take their applications that they are currently running and own the license to, and move the infrastructure to Oracle’s secure Cloud. PeopleSoft application users can make an easy transition to Cloud using the PeopleSoft environments they have already created.

Cloud allows for a much more rapid creation of new environments and uptake of new business processes while freeing up organizations to concentrate on more strategic areas of business. In addition to Cloud’s benefit of business agility is business continuity. Business Continuity is the daily maintenance and updating of PeopleSoft applications. Cloud makes it easier to constantly stay up to date and take in new features, functionality or patches to stay current.

The third major benefit of moving PeopleSoft to the Cloud is cost and risk reduction. By focusing on core competencies and allowing Oracle as a Cloud service provider to take care of the rest utilizing Platform as a Service, organizations can free up resources that would have been spent on managing and maintaining datacenters.

What is the different between PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud and Oracle Cloud applications?

With many Cloud offerings now available to PeopleSoft users, PeopleSoft running on the Cloud and SaaS applications can often get interchanged. However, they are two separate entities. Oracle Cloud Applications, or what is known as SaaS, are applications that are rented from Oracle each month. Users cannot go in and make changes. In the case of running PeopleSoft in the Cloud, users still own their source code and can go in and make changes if they choose to, using bolt-on’s or going into the source code to set up customizations the same way they set it up before. With SaaS applications, users are always current whereas running PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud gives users the flexibility to choose when and how often they apply updates. However, with both solutions, the technology, infrastructure and environments are being managed by Oracle.

2) PeopleSoft Selective Adoption delivering new capabilities
In addition to new Cloud offerings by Oracle, Selective Adoption has changed the game with PeopleSoft applications. Selective Adoption, delivered with PeopleSoft 9.2, offers users the ability to select the changes they want, when they want without another major upgrade. Users can quickly receive maintenance updates and new functionality. Since the release of PeopleSoft 9.2, Oracle has released 18 Update Images with over 375 new features.

Moving forward, PeopleTools will begin to release updates on the continuous delivery model as well through Patch Sets. This will allow PeopleTools to be better integrated with the Selective Adoption process. When users select a certain feature they would like to uptake, they only have to uptake the PeopleTools updates that are tied with it. Within the next 24 months, customers can expect to see many updates including enhancements in self service capabilities, Fluid functionality and additional analytics.

3) PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface offering a modern and intuitive mobile and desktop user experience

With the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface, applications are available on the go and provide users with the information they need from a desktop, tablet or mobile device. Fluid UI is interactive and personalizable, offering users a modern and intuitive experience. With the release of PeopleTools 8.55, Oracle has delivered a number of enhancements for Fluid UI, including Simplified Analytics, Fluid Activity Guides, resizable tiles and master-detail layout, among others. In PeopleTools 8.55, Fluid UI is the default. With Fluid UI, users are guided through business processes using visual-heavy Activity Guides that are simple to complete. Other great enhancements in Fluid UI have been through Simplified Analytics, providing users with the tools they need for greater data analysis.

To learn more about these PeopleSoft updates, visit Oracle online at

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