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June 17, 2017
3 Components and benefits of Workforce management
Frederic Portal, Ataway Director of Alliance and Strategy

Creating best-fit schedules, tracking time and attendance, administering absence and leave, and measuring productivity are vital to managing and retaining a high-performing workforce. Do you have the right tools?

Please watch this video from Neil Pickering about Workforce Management.


Talent Management
Talent Management provides managers with the tools to provide continuous feedback on employee activities connected to goals and key performance indicators, and to promote ongoing performance development, manage compensation, and stay on top of learning and development to advance skills. Kronos® offers the tools your teams need to conduct evaluations, nurture and develop employees, stay up-to-date on skills and training and reward them for their efforts — all to create a more engaged, motivated and productive workforce.

Moving from xls or not connected Talent Management system to an automated system, Organization save around 3% on their payroll annually!


Absence Management
Control absence costs with automated solutions that reduce overtime and replacement labor pay and help manage sick time, vacation time, and complex leave laws. Automate your absence management process you can track the reason why people are absent you can also deal with the issues.

Organization that implemented an absence management system normally reduce the absenteeism rate by 25%


Forecast schedule
To deliver great services to your customer you need the right people with the right skill at the right place at the right time and that is where Forecasting and scheduling can help.

To create optimal schedules, managers need accurate sales and labor forecasting. However, without the right tools, it can come down to their best guess — putting you at risk for overstaffing or lost business due to understaffing. Without accurate forecasts of anticipated demand, schedules can’t support your bottom line.

Leverage your historical data with adaptive forecasting, Align employees with customers, Accurately forecast business volume, and labor allocations

Control labor costs: Avoid costly overstaffing; minimize understaffing and lost sales, Improve customer service, Ensures you always have enough people to get the job done


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